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Therapeutic treatments

During many years I have discovered various techniques that help me work at the muscular and mental levels to release stress, muscular aches and pains as well as emotional problems.
We are in finca Imeche between Guía de Isora and Playa San Juan (Tenerife), in a special place in the nature. You can buy our products from the website.

Relax Massages

• Relax massage
60 minutes: 35 Euros

Ayurvedic Massages

abhyanga massage Using methods as the massage techniques; Abhyanga, Pindas Vedas, Kati basti, Indian head. These millenary arts treat the body, mind and spirit in conjunction. The Ayurvedic test can also give us an indication on the nutritional deficiencies of the body. pindas massage katibasti massage
• Abhyanga massage
60 minutes: 40 Euros
• Abhyanga massage + indian head
90 minutes: 50 Euros
• Pindas Vedas massage
60 minutes: 45 Euros
• Abhyanga massage with pindas vedas + indian head
90 minutes: 55 Euros
• Kati Basti massage (treatment for the back) + Abhyanga massage
90 minutes: 55 Euros
• Abhyanga massage + treatment for the back Kati Basti + indian head
2 hours: 70 Euros
• Indian head massage
30 minutes: 25 Euros
• Shirodara therapy
50 minutes: 65 Euros

Tibetan Bowls, Quartz Bowls, diapasons and Gongs Therapy

tibetan bowl The Tibetan Bowls, crystal bowls and gongs are instruments of healing, relaxation and meditation which help to establish healthy vibrations in all our system, physically as well as emotionally and spiritually.
• Sound massage with Tibetan, crystal bowls and diapasons (on the floor, without oil)
1 hour: 40 Euros
• Sound massage with gongs
30 min: 25 Euros
• Sound massage with Tibetan, cristal bowls (30 minutes) and gongs (30 minutes)
1 hour: 40 Euros

Aromatherapy massages

oil The Aromatherapy helps the person relax at a muscular level as well as a mental level through the skin and olfactory glands.
• Aromatherapy
1 hour: 40 Euros

Therapeutic massage with moxa

moxibustion The Moxibustion is a technique from the Chinese traditional medicine that allows the treatment of specific areas of the body and its energy.
• Moxibustion therapy
1 hour: 40 Euros

Massage cupping

It is an ancient method of traditional Chinese medicine to treat chronic diseases, nerve (depression, insomnia), pain, muscle problems, tendon or bone.
• Massage cupping 1 hour - It is possible to combine it with therapeutic massage
40 Euros
• Massage cupping 30 minutes
25 Euros

Thai Massage

thai massage This massage technique has the particularity to blend in different oriental techniques such as Yoga, digitopression and meditation. It stimulates the circulation of energy and frees any possible existing blockages.
• Thai Massage (on the floor, without oil)
90 minutes: 45 Euros

Podal reflexology - Metamorphic massage

foot reflexology massage Podal reflexology stimulates the reflex spots related with the organs and body glands to alleviate tension, relax the emotions and reach the spiritual level.

When the vital energy is blocked, it doesn’t flow freely. The Metamorphic Technique releases those blocks that have been existing since conception times.

• Reflexology
60 minutes: 35 Euros
• Metamorphic masssage
50 minutes: 30 Euros

Lymphatic Massage

Is a technique of great benefit in many treatments that affects the external physical aspect of the body (pre and post surgery treatments, bowl movement problems, cellulite, circulatory problems, acne, etc...)
• Lymphatic Massage
60 minutes: 35 Euros

Craniosacral Therapy

cranial massage Is a soft manual technique that Works the migraine problems, stress, depressions and traumatism. It helps with the Reiki treatments.
• Craniosacral therapy 60 minutes
40 Euros

Hot Stone Massage

hot stone massage The hot stones help to relax the muscles, alleviate some pain and aches and to open the energy channels.
• Hot Stone Massage 60 minutes
40 Euros
• Hot Stone Massage 90 minutes
50 Euros

Flower essence therapy (AIM) - similar to the Bach Flowers Therapy

flower An elixir of essential flower oils helps change the vibration frequency of the person. Its ingestion helps us reach a relaxation, stimulates our comprehension, stimulates the change in attitude towards any difficult situation we might be experiencing.
• Essential flower
5 Euros
Chakra Treatments:
The body has energy centers called chakras. These can be blocked or not function as they should do to retained emotions. With the help of the Kinesiology, the flower essential oils, the cranial sacral massage therapy, Tibetan bowls, diapasons and Reiki, those emotional blockages can be released.
• 60 minutes
25 Euros
Preparation of custom-made flower essence
5 Euros


symbol Reiki is as a holistic therapy which brings about healing on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. We use Reiki egiptian symbols.
• Reiki
1 hour: 25 Euros


gema It is a practice which attributes to the vibration of the crystals specific properties that affect the physical body, etheric, mental and causal.
• Gematherapy
1 hour: 30 Euros


meditative concerts with healing sounds We organize every months meditations with quarz bowls and planetary gongs, you can check dates in our calendar here.

Yoga class

You can have a class of yoga personalized with appointment for 25 Euros (75 mns)
• Yoga class
75 min. aprox: 25 Euros

You can have special prices for 5 and 10 treatments.
For more information and prices about any treatment, please call or send us message in whatsapp (0034) 617 928 955 and ask for Águeda.
An extra charge for the service to your hotel or residence from 5 to 15 Euros depending on the distance and our availability.
Email: terapiasalternativastenerife@hotmail.com
Facebook: Terapias Tenerife Sur – Reiki Tenerife Sur Guía de isora – Asociación Alquima